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  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) for prostate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is starting to play a clinical role for prostate cancer (PCa) patients. AI-assisted reading is feasible, allowing workflow reduction. ...

    Authors: Mohammed R. S. Sunoqrot, Anindo Saha, Matin Hosseinzadeh, Mattijs Elschot and Henkjan Huisman
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:35
  2. The advent of precision medicine, increasing clinical needs, and imaging availability among many other factors in the prostate cancer diagnostic pathway has engendered the utilization of artificial intelligenc...

    Authors: Mason J. Belue and Baris Turkbey
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:33
  3. As bone microstructure is known to impact bone strength, the aim of this in vitro study was to evaluate if the emerging photon-counting detector computed tomography (PCD-CT) technique may be used for measurements...

    Authors: Benjamin Klintström, Lilian Henriksson, Rodrigo Moreno, Alexandr Malusek, Örjan Smedby, Mischa Woisetschläger and Eva Klintström
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:31
  4. Fatty infiltration of the paraspinal muscles may play a role in pain and disability in lumbar spinal stenosis. We assessed the reliability and association with clinical symptoms of a method for assessing fatty...

    Authors: Hasan Banitalebi, Jørn Aaen, Kjersti Storheim, Anne Negård, Tor Åge Myklebust, Margreth Grotle, Christian Hellum, Ansgar Espeland, Masoud Anvar, Kari Indrekvam, Clemens Weber, Jens Ivar Brox, Helena Brisby and Erland Hermansen
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:38
  5. We investigated whether features derived from texture analysis (TA) can distinguish breast density (BD) in spiral photon-counting breast computed tomography (PC-BCT).

    Authors: Anna Landsmann, Carlotta Ruppert, Jann Wieler, Patryk Hejduk, Alexander Ciritsis, Karol Borkowski, Moritz C. Wurnig, Cristina Rossi and Andreas Boss
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:30
  6. Local blood flow affects vascular disease and outcomes of endovascular treatment, but quantifying it is challenging, especially inside stents. We assessed the feasibility of blood flow quantification in native...

    Authors: Majorie van Helvert, Stefan Engelhard, Jason Voorneveld, Marije van der Vee, Johan G. Bosch, Michel Versluis, Erik Groot Jebbink and Michel M. P. J. Reijnen
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:32
  7. We retrospectively evaluated safety and performance of magnetic seed localisation of nonpalpable breast lesions.

    Authors: Antonella Petrillo, Raimondo Di Giacomo, Emanuela Esposito, Paolo Vallone, Sergio Venanzio Setola, Mauro Mattace Raso, Vincenza Granata, Maria Luisa Barretta, Claudio Siani, Chiara Rinaldo, Ivana Donzelli, Ugo Marone, Maria Teresa Melucci, Alfredo Fucito, Ruggero Saponara, Maurizio Di Bonito…
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:28
  8. A huge amount of imaging data is becoming available worldwide and an incredible range of possible improvements can be provided by artificial intelligence algorithms in clinical care for diagnosis and decision ...

    Authors: Haridimos Kondylakis, Esther Ciarrocchi, Leonor Cerda-Alberich, Ioanna Chouvarda, Lauren A. Fromont, Jose Manuel Garcia-Aznar, Varvara Kalokyri, Alexandra Kosvyra, Dawn Walker, Guang Yang and Emanuele Neri
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:29
  9. Since its first description 25 years ago, color Doppler twinkling has been a compelling ultrasound feature in diagnosing urinary stones. While the fundamental cause of twinkling remains elusive, the distinctiv...

    Authors: Christine U. Lee, Matthew W. Urban, A. Lee Miller II, Susheil Uthamaraj, James W. Jakub, Gina K. Hesley, Benjamin G. Wood, Nathan J. Brinkman, James L. Herrick, Nicholas B. Larson, Michael J. Yaszemski and James F. Greenleaf
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:26
  10. In prostate cancer (PCa), the use of new radiopharmaceuticals has improved the accuracy of diagnosis and staging, refined surveillance strategies, and introduced specific and personalized radioreceptor therapi...

    Authors: Virginia Liberini, Riccardo Laudicella, Michele Balma, Daniele G. Nicolotti, Ambra Buschiazzo, Serena Grimaldi, Leda Lorenzon, Andrea Bianchi, Simona Peano, Tommaso Vincenzo Bartolotta, Mohsen Farsad, Sergio Baldari, Irene A. Burger, Martin W. Huellner, Alberto Papaleo and Désirée Deandreis
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:27
  11. In multiple sclerosis, the correlation between white matter lesion volumes (LV) and expanded disability status scale (EDSS) is at best moderate, leading to the “clinico-radiological paradox”, influenced by man...

    Authors: Caterina Lapucci, Simona Schiavi, Alessio Signori, Elvira Sbragia, Giulia Bommarito, Maria Cellerino, Antonio Uccelli, Matilde Inglese, Luca Roccatagliata and Matteo Pardini
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:23
  12. Estimating the required sample size is crucial when developing and validating clinical prediction models. However, there is no consensus about how to determine the sample size in such a setting. Here, the goal...

    Authors: Carlos Baeza-Delgado, Leonor Cerdá Alberich, José Miguel Carot-Sierra, Diana Veiga-Canuto, Blanca Martínez de las Heras, Ben Raza and Luis Martí-Bonmatí
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:22
  13. Our aim was to evaluate the reproducibility of epicardial adipose tissue (EAT) volume, measured on scans performed using an open-bore magnetic resonance scanner.

    Authors: Francesco Secchi, Carmela Asteria, Caterina B. Monti, Alexis Elias Malavazos, Davide Capra, Marco Alì, Cecilia L. A. Giassi, Simona Francesconi, Sara Basilico, Alessandro Giovanelli, Lelio Morricone and Francesco Sardanelli
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:25
  14. The aim of this animal study was to compare the fluoroscopic image quality (IQ) and radiation dose between a tantalum (Ta)-specific contrast-to-noise ratio-driven exposure control (Ta-CEC) and a detector dose-...

    Authors: Thomas Werncke, Timo Christian Meine, Jan B. Hinrichs, Sabine K. Maschke, Lena Sophie Becker, Inga Brüsch, Regina Rumpel, Frank K. Wacker and Bernhard C. Meyer
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:24
  15. The use of a pocked-sized, wireless-Bluetooth ultrasound portable system with display images presented on a tablet facilitated the work of our radiologists during the first wave of coronavirus disease 2019 (CO...

    Authors: Christian Ossola, Filippo Piacentino, Federico Fontana, Marco Curti, Giada Zorzetto, Andrea Coppola, Giulio Carcano and Massimo Venturini
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:20
  16. Pathological complete response after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC) is achieved in 15–30% of cases. Our aim was to implement and externally validate a magnetic resonance...

    Authors: Arianna Defeudis, Simone Mazzetti, Jovana Panic, Monica Micilotta, Lorenzo Vassallo, Giuliana Giannetto, Marco Gatti, Riccardo Faletti, Stefano Cirillo, Daniele Regge and Valentina Giannini
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:19
  17. Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a minimally invasive technique used for the treatment of neoplasms, with a growing interest in the treatment of bone tumours. However, the lack of data concerning the size of t...

    Authors: Ricardo Rivas Loya, Paul C. Jutte, Thomas C. Kwee and Peter M. A. van Ooijen
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:21
  18. Despite the new lymphatic imaging methods, there is still a need for a straightforward method of detecting lymphatic abnormalities. Our goal was to investigate the feasibility of applying a contrast enhanced u...

    Authors: Olli Lahtinen, Ritva Vanninen and Suvi Rautiainen
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:18
  19. While computed tomography (CT) exams are the major cause of medical exposure to ionising radiation, the radiation-induced risks must be documented. We investigated the impact of the cellular models and individ...

    Authors: Clément Devic, Larry Bodgi, Laurène Sonzogni, Frank Pilleul, Hervé Ribot, Charlotte De Charry, François Le Moigne, Didier Paul, Fanny Carbillet, Mélodie Munier and Nicolas Foray
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:17
  20. A negative oral contrast agent (OCA) has been long sought for, to better delineate the bowel and visualise surrounding structures. Lumentin® 44 (L44) is a new OCA formulated to fill the entire small bowel. The...

    Authors: Peter Leander, Georgios Stathis, Lucia Casal-Dujat, Karolina Boman, Ingvar Adnerhill, Jan Marsal, Olof Böök and Thomas Fork
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:15
  21. While computed tomography (CT) exams are the major cause of medical exposure to ionising radiation, there is increasing evidence that the potential radiation-induced risks must be documented. We investigated t...

    Authors: Clément Devic, Larry Bodgi, Laurène Sonzogni, Frank Pilleul, Hervé Ribot, Charlotte De Charry, François Le Moigne, Didier Paul, Fanny Carbillet, Mélodie Munier and Nicolas Foray
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:14
  22. We evaluated the accuracy, safety, and feasibility of a computed tomography (CT)-guided robotic assistance system for percutaneous needle placement in the kidney.

    Authors: Thierry de Baere, Charles Roux, Guillaume Noel, Alexandre Delpla, Frederic Deschamps, Eloi Varin and Lambros Tselikas
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:13
  23. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is currently considered a safe imaging technique because, unlike computed tomography, MRI does not expose patients to ionising radiation. However, conflicting literature report...

    Authors: Cecile Herate, Patricia Brochard, Florent De Vathaire, Michelle Ricoul, Bernadette Martins, Laurence Laurier, Jean-Robert Deverre, Bertrand Thirion, Lucie Hertz-Pannier and Laure Sabatier
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:12
  24. Spirometry and conventional chest x-ray have limitations in investigating early emphysema, while computed tomography, the reference imaging method in this context, is not part of routine patient care due to it...

    Authors: Gregor S. Zimmermann, Alexander A. Fingerle, Bernhard Renger, Karl-Ludwig Laugwitz, Hubert Hautmann, Andreas Sauter, Felix Meurer, Florian Tilman Gassert, Jannis Bodden, Christina Müller-Leisse, Martin Renz, Ernst J. Rummeny, Marcus R. Makowski, Konstantin Willer, Wolfgang Noichl, Fabio De Marco…
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:9
  25. Passive paramagnetic markers on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-compatible endovascular devices induce susceptibility artifacts, enabling MRI-visibility and real-time MRI-guidance. Optimised visibility is cru...

    Authors: Han Nijsink, Christiaan G. Overduin, Patrick Brand, Sytse F. De Jong, Paul J. A. Borm, Michiel C. Warlé and Jurgen J. Fütterer
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:11
  26. Dual-energy computed tomography has shown a great interest for musculoskeletal pathologies. Photon-counting spectral computed tomography (PCSCT) can acquire data in multiple energy bins with the potential to i...

    Authors: Christine Chappard, Juan Abascal, Cécile Olivier, Salim Si-Mohamed, Loic Boussel, Jean Baptiste Piala, Philippe Douek and Francoise Peyrin
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:10
  27. Screening for osteoporosis with contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) is promising for identifying high-risk osteoporotic patients. Our aims were (1) to investigate the estimated volume bone mineral densi...

    Authors: Mischa Woisetschläger, Eva Klintström and Anna Spångeus
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:8
  28. Malignant mesothelioma (MM) is an aggressive tumor, with a poor prognosis, usually unresectable due to late diagnosis, mainly treated with chemotherapy. BoxA, a truncated form of “high mobility group box 1” (H...

    Authors: Massimo Venturini, Rosanna Mezzapelle, Salvatore La Marca, Laura Perani, Antonello Spinelli, Luca Crippa, Anna Colarieti, Anna Palmisano, Paolo Marra, Andrea Coppola, Federico Fontana, Giulio Carcano, Carlo Tacchetti, Marco Bianchi, Antonio Esposito and Massimo P. Crippa
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:7
  29. Transpulmonary embolisation (TPE) using degradable starch microspheres (DSM) is a potential approach to treat pulmonary metastases. However, there is a paucity of detailed information on perfusion dynamics. Th...

    Authors: Benedikt M. Schaarschmidt, Alexis Slama, Stéphane Collaud, Özlem Okumus, Hannah Steinberg, Sebastian Bauer, Hans-Ulrich Schildhaus, Jens Theysohn and Clemens Aigner
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:6
  30. Multisegment reconstruction (MSR) was introduced to shorten the temporal reconstruction window of computed tomography (CT) and thereby reduce motion artefacts. We investigated whether MSR of myocardial CT perf...

    Authors: Daniel Preuß, Gonzalo Garcia, Michael Laule, Marc Dewey and Matthias Rief
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:5
  31. We assessed the difference in lung motion during inspiration/expiration between chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients and healthy volunteers using vector-field dynamic x-ray (VF-DXR) with optic...

    Authors: Takuya Hino, Akinori Tsunomori, Akinori Hata, Tomoyuki Hida, Yoshitake Yamada, Masako Ueyama, Tsutomu Yoneyama, Atsuko Kurosaki, Takeshi Kamitani, Kousei Ishigami, Takenori Fukumoto, Shoji Kudoh and Hiroto Hatabu
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:4
  32. A procedure for sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) using superparamagnetic iron-oxide (SPIO) nanoparticles and intraoperative sentinel lymph node (SLN) detection was developed to overcome drawbacks associated w...

    Authors: Anke Christenhusz, Joost J. Pouw, Frank F. J. Simonis, Michael Douek, Muneer Ahmed, Joost M. Klaase, Anneriet E. Dassen, Caroline A. H. Klazen, Margreet C. van der Schaaf, Bernard ten Haken and Lejla Alic
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:3
  33. We investigated to what extent tube voltage, scanner model, and reconstruction algorithm affect radiomic feature reproducibility in a single-institution retrospective database of computed tomography images of ...

    Authors: Lisa Rinaldi, Simone P. De Angelis, Sara Raimondi, Stefania Rizzo, Cristiana Fanciullo, Cristiano Rampinelli, Manuel Mariani, Alessandro Lascialfari, Marta Cremonesi, Roberto Orecchia, Daniela Origgi and Francesca Botta
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:2
  34. We investigated the correlation between texture features extracted from apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) maps or diffusion-weighted images (DWIs), and grade group (GG) in the prostate peripheral zone (PZ) ...

    Authors: Chie Tsuruta, Kenji Hirata, Kohsuke Kudo, Naoya Masumori and Masamitsu Hatakenaka
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:1

    The Correction to this article has been published in European Radiology Experimental 2022 6:16

  35. Indirect 1H-magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of 17O-labelled water allows imaging in vivo dynamic changes in water compartmentalisation. Our aim was to describe the feasibility of indirect 1H-MR methods to evaluat...

    Authors: Luis Martí-Bonmatí, Alejandro Rodríguez-Ortega, Amadeo Ten-Esteve, Ángel Alberich-Bayarri, Bernardo Celda and Eduardo Ferrer
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2021 5:56
  36. Our aim was to introduce damaged red blood cells (RBCs) as a tool for haemodynamic provocation in rats, hypothesised to cause decreased cerebral blood flow (CBF) and prolonged water capillary transfer time (CT...

    Authors: Adnan Bibic, Tea Sordia, Erik Henningsson, Linda Knutsson, Freddy Ståhlberg and Ronnie Wirestam
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2021 5:53
  37. Investigation of polyethylene liner movement in total hip arthroplasty requires bead-marking for radiographic visibility of the liner. However, occlusion of markers poses a challenge for marker registration in...

    Authors: Peter Bo Jørgensen, Bart L. Kaptein, Kjeld Søballe, Stig S. Jakobsen and Maiken Stilling
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2021 5:55
  38. Over the past two decades, the epidemiology of chronic liver disease has changed with an increase in the prevalence of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in parallel to the advent of curative treatments for hepa...

    Authors: Federica Vernuccio, Roberto Cannella, Tommaso Vincenzo Bartolotta, Massimo Galia, An Tang and Giuseppe Brancatelli
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2021 5:52
  39. Intra-articular blood causes irreversible joint damage, whilst clinical differentiation between haemorrhagic joint effusion and other effusions can be challenging. An accurate non-invasive method for the detec...

    Authors: Flora H. P. van Leeuwen, Beatrice Lena, Jaco J. M. Zwanenburg, Lize F. D. van Vulpen, Lambertus W. Bartels, Kathelijn Fischer, Frank J. Nap, Pim A. de Jong, Clemens Bos and Wouter Foppen
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2021 5:51
  40. Airways segmentation is important for research about pulmonary disease but require a large amount of time by trained specialists. We used an openly available software to improve airways segmentations obtained ...

    Authors: Ivan Dudurych, Antonio Garcia-Uceda, Zaigham Saghir, Harm A. W. M. Tiddens, Rozemarijn Vliegenthart and Marleen de Bruijne
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2021 5:54
  41. Radical cystectomy for urinary bladder cancer is a procedure associated with a high risk of complications, and poor overall survival (OS) due to both patient and tumour factors. Sarcopenia is one such patient ...

    Authors: Thomas Ying, Pablo Borrelli, Lars Edenbrandt, Olof Enqvist, Reza Kaboteh, Elin Trägårdh, Johannes Ulén and Henrik Kjölhede
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2021 5:50
  42. The technical requirements for the acquisition of multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) of the prostate have been clearly outlined in the Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System (PI-RADS) guide...

    Authors: Francesco Giganti, Sydney Lindner, Jonathan W. Piper, Veeru Kasivisvanathan, Mark Emberton, Caroline M. Moore and Clare Allen
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2021 5:48
  43. We applied an artificial intelligence-based model to predict fragility fractures in postmenopausal women, using different dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) parameters.

    Authors: Fabio Massimo Ulivieri, Luca Rinaudo, Carmelo Messina, Luca Petruccio Piodi, Davide Capra, Barbara Lupi, Camilla Meneguzzo, Luca Maria Sconfienza, Francesco Sardanelli, Andrea Giustina and Enzo Grossi
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2021 5:47
  44. Previous intraindividual comparative studies evaluating gadobutrol and gadoteridol for contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of brain tumours have relied on subjective image assessment, potentiall...

    Authors: Matthew J. Kuhn, Julia W. Patriarche, Douglas Patriarche, Miles A. Kirchin, Massimo Bona and Gianpaolo Pirovano
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2021 5:46
  45. Aquaporin-4 is a membrane channel protein that is highly expressed in brain astrocytes and facilitates the transport of water molecules. It has been suggested that suppression of aquaporin-4 function may be an...

    Authors: Takuya Urushihata, Hiroyuki Takuwa, Manami Takahashi, Jeff Kershaw, Yasuhiko Tachibana, Nobuhiro Nitta, Sayaka Shibata, Masato Yasui, Makoto Higuchi and Takayuki Obata
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2021 5:44
  46. Dual-source dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) offers the potential for opportunistic osteoporosis screening by enabling phantomless bone mineral density (BMD) quantification. This study sought to assess t...

    Authors: Vitali Koch, Nils Große Hokamp, Moritz H. Albrecht, Leon D. Gruenewald, Ibrahim Yel, Jan Borggrefe, Stefan Wesarg, Katrin Eichler, Iris Burck, Tatjana Gruber-Rouh, Lukas Lenga, Thomas J. Vogl, Simon S. Martin, Julian L. Wichmann, Renate M. Hammerstingl, Leona S. Alizadeh…
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2021 5:43
  47. Chronic pulmonary embolism (CPE) is a life-threatening disease easily misdiagnosed on computed tomography. We investigated a three-dimensional convolutional neural network (CNN) algorithm for detecting hypoper...

    Authors: Tuomas Vainio, Teemu Mäkelä, Sauli Savolainen and Marko Kangasniemi
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2021 5:45
  48. In hepatobiliary imaging, systems detect the total amount of agents originating from extracellular space, bile canaliculi, and hepatocytes. They add in situ concentration of each compartment corrected by its resp...

    Authors: Catherine M. Pastor, Florian Joly, Valérie Vilgrain and Philippe Millet
    Citation: European Radiology Experimental 2021 5:42

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