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Table 1 Scan parameter settings used for phantom scans for all phantom sizes and iodine concentrations

From: Quantitative benchmarking of iodine imaging for two CT spectral imaging technologies: a phantom study

  Tube voltage (kV) Rotation time (s) Tube current (mA) Pitch Collimation (mm) Slice width (mm) Kernel (DFOV) (mm) CTDIvol (mGy)
General Electric Revolution 80/140 0.5 320 0.516 40 2.5 plus Standard 400 15
Siemens Somatom Drive 80/Sn140 0.5 400/155 0.5 12 3 I30f 210 15.1
  1. DFOV Display field of view, CTDIvol Volumetric computed tomography dose index, GE General Electric, Sn Tin filter