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Fig. 5

From: Bone microarchitectural analysis using ultra-high-resolution CT in tiger vertebra and human tibia

Fig. 5

Box-and-whisker plots showing six bone microarchitectural parameters at four different spatial resolution groups on ultra-high-resolution CT in human tibia (H1, matrix 512 × 512, slice thickness 0.5 mm; H2, matrix 512 × 512, slice thickness 0.25 mm; H3, matrix 1024 × 1024, slice thickness 0.5 mm; H4, matrix 1024 × 1024, slice thickness 0.25 mm). H1–H4 Human tibia group 1–4, vBMD Volumetric bone mineral density, BV/TV Trabecular bone volume fraction, Tb.Th Trabecular thickness, Tb.N Trabecular number, Tb.Sp Trabecular separation, ConnD Connectivity density. Open circles indicate outliers. Horizontal brackets with asterisk (*) indicate significant differences in paired comparisons by using either Tukey test or Dunnett T3 test, as appropriate (p ≤ 0.044)

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