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Table 1 Time and counted needle passes using standard ultrasound versus augmented reality in situ ultrasound in the leg phantom and vessel phantom in untrained and trained operators

From: Ultrasound-guided interventions with augmented reality in situ visualisation: a proof-of-mechanism phantom study

 Standard US leg phantomStandard US vessel phantomAR in situ US leg phantomAR in situ US vessel phantom
Time (s), median [range]33 [7–220]18.5 [8–94]10.5 [3–60]7 [3–15]32 [7–101]16.5 [5–100]9 [3–34]9 [3–25]
Counted needle passes, median [range]2 [1–8]1 [1–2]1 [1–6]1 [1–1]1 [1–4]1 [1–4]1 [1–2]1 [1–1]