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Table 1 Calibration of virtual non-calcium images and measurement of spectral separation

From: Optimising dual-energy CT scan parameters for virtual non-calcium imaging of the bone marrow: a phantom study

Tube-voltage combinationYellow marrow low kV (HU)Yellow marrow high kV (HU)Red marrow low kV (HU)Red marrow high kV (HU)DEratio
70 kV/Sn150 kV-130-8181612.27
80 kV/Sn150 kV-115-8080601.99
90 kV/Sn150 kV-115-8275601.81
100 kV/Sn150 kV-105-8172611.67
80 kV/140 kV-130-9875701.47
  1. For each tube-voltage combination, the Hounsfield units for the yellow marrow and red marrow were measured. The dual-energy ratio which yielded the lowest mean error was then determined empirically and is used as a measure of spectral separation. Spectral separation increases when the difference in tube voltage is larger or when the tin filter is used; DEratio dual-energy ratio; HU Hounsfield units; Sn indicates the use of a 0.6-mm tin filter