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Table 1 First order and second and high order texture features

From: Diagnostic performance of machine learning applied to texture analysis-derived features for breast lesion characterisation at automated breast ultrasound: a pilot study

Histogram-derived GLCM GLRLM GLSZM
Entropy Contrast Short-run emphasis (SRE) Small zone emphasis (SZE)
Variance Correlation Long-run emphasis (LRE) Large zone emphasis (LZE)
Skewness Energy Grey-level non-uniformity (GLN) Grey-level non-uniformity (GLN)
Kurtosis Homogeneity Run length non-uniformity (RLN) Zone-size non-uniformity (ZSN)
Contrast Short-run emphasis (SRE) Run percentage (RP) Zone percentage (ZP)
Correlation Long-run emphasis (LRE) Low grey-level run emphasis (LGRE) Low grey-level zone emphasis (LGZE)
Energy Grey-level non-uniformity (GLN) High grey-level run emphasis (HGRE) High grey-level zone emphasis (HGZE)
Homogeneity Run length non-uniformity (RLN) Short-run low grey-level emphasis (m_SRLGE) Small zone low-grey level emphasis (SZLGE)
Run percentage (RP) Short-run high grey-level emphasis (SRHGE) Small zone high grey level emphasis (SHZGE)
Low grey-level run emphasis (LGRE) Long-run low grey-level emphasis (LRLGE) Large zone low grey-level emphasis (LZLGE)
High grey-level run emphasis (HGRE) Long-run high-grey level emphasis (LRHGE) Large zone high grey-level (LZHGE)
Short-run low grey-level emphasis (SRLGE)   Grey-level variance (GLV)
Short-run high grey-level emphasis (SRHGE)   Zone-size variance (ZSV)
Long-run low grey-level emphasis (LRLGE)   
Long-run high grey-level emphasis (LRHGE)   
  1. GLCM Grey-level co-occurrence matrix, GLRLM Grey-level run length matrix, GLSZM Grey-level size zone matrix