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Table 3 Correlation of dark-field and transmission radiography with CT findings

From: Imaging features in post-mortem x-ray dark-field chest radiographs and correlation with conventional x-ray and CT

  1. For all nine human bodies, median dark-field signal and transmission gradings for different lung regions are presented next to computed tomography (CT) findings in pulmonary lobes. Colour indicates cases with highest (blue, red) and lowest (light blue, pink) overall median dark-field signal or transmission grading that are shown as individual figures (Figs. 3, 4, 5, and 6)
  2. RL Right lung, LL Left lung, UZ/MZ/LZ Upper/middle/lower zone, GGO Ground-glass opacities, Emphy Emphysematous changes; septal thick (interlobular) Septal thickening, pleural eff Pleural effusion, Cons Consolidation, X% Percentage of affected lobe