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Table 1 Patient eligibility criteria

From: Rationale and design of a prospective study on the first integrated PET/dual-energy CT system for staging and image-based radiation therapy planning of lung cancer

  Inclusion criteria   Exclusion criteria
1 Subject must have a suspected SCLC or NSCLC 1 Subject is a pregnant or nursing female
2 Subject must be aged 18–90 years 2 Subject is in acute unstable condition
3 Subject must have been referred for a clinically indicated PET/CT 3 Subject is unwilling to comply with the requirements of the protocol
4 Subject must provide written informed consent before any study-related procedures being performed 4 By testing (serum or urine βHCG) within 24 h before contrast, agent administration, or by surgical sterilization, or post-menopausal, with minimum one-year history without menses
5 Subject must be willing to comply with all clinical study procedures 5 Subject has an allergy against iodinated contrast agents and cannot be premedicated
   6 Subject has impaired renal function (eGFR < 30 mL/min × 1.73 m2)
   7 Subject has an acute psychiatric disorder or is cognitively impaired
   8 Subject is using or is dependent on substances of abuse
  1. SCLC small-cell lung cancer, NSCLC non-small-cell lung cancer, PET/CT positron emission tomography / computed tomography, βHCG β-human chorionic gonadotropin, eGFR estimated glomerular filtration rate