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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of Meniere disease patients and healthy volunteers

From: Imaging of the saccule for the diagnosis of endolymphatic hydrops in Meniere disease, using a three-dimensional T2-weighted steady state free precession sequence: accurate, fast, and without contrast material intravenous injection

  Meniere disease group Control group
Patients included in the study 64 64
Patients excluded due to motion artefacts 2 4
Number of analysed patients 62 60
Sex ratio 25 men 30 men
37 women 30 women
Mean age (range) 51 years (13–82) 32.3 years (22–57)
Average duration of the disease 37 months Not applicable
(15 days–17 years)  
Average length between MRI and the last crisis 5.7 months Not applicable
MRI performed < 3 months after the last crisis 43 patients (69.3%) Not applicable
MRI performed between 3 and 6 months after the last crisis 12 patients (19.3%) Not applicable
MRI performed > 6 months after the last crisis 7 patients (11.3%) Not applicable