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Table 1 Likert scale grading of oral contrast distribution in the small bowel (extension and distension)

From: A novel food-based negative oral contrast agent compared with two conventional oral contrast agents in abdominal CT: a three-arm parallel blinded randomised controlled single-centre trial

Extension Grade Distention
Segment filled to 100% 9 Excellent or almost over distended
Filling > 75% but < 100% 8 Optimal filling
Filling about 75% 7 Good filling
Filling > 50% but < 75% 6 Slightly better than grade 5
Filling about 50% 5 Medium filled bowel loop
Filling > 25% but < 50% 4 Amount of OCA just allowing for a ROI of 6 mm
Filling about 25% 3 Small amount of OCA, insufficient for placing a ROI of 6 mm
Traces of OCA filling 2 Minimal amount of OCA
No OCA identified 1 No OCA identified
  1. OCA Oral contrast agent; ROI Region of interest