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Table 5 Results of quantitative grading of void artefacts volumes for high-dose and low-dose groups (cm3)

From: Breast MRI in patients after breast conserving surgery with sentinel node procedure using a superparamagnetic tracer

  Average Absolute interobserver variability Relative interobserver variability
HD group
 Artefact on T1-weighted images 3.5 1.9* 1.0*
 Artefact on T2*-weighted images 20.9 8.2# 1.4#
 Fibroglandular volume on T1-weighted images 159 55.2* 4.0*
LD group
 Artefact on T1-weighted images None None None
 Artefact on T2*-weighted images 0.3 0.4# 0.5#
 Fibroglandular volume on T1-weighted images 213 45.4* 3.1*
  1. *Not normally distributed
  2. #Normally distributed