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Table 1 Computed tomography protocol

From: Material decomposition using iodine quantification on spectral CT for characterising nodules in the cirrhotic liver: a retrospective study

Mode Supine position
Spectral imaging mode
Fast tube voltage switching between 80 and 140 kVp
Craniocaudal direction
Collimation thickness 0.625 mm (64 detectors)
Slice thickness 5 mm
Reconstruction parameters 1-mm thickness, 1-mm interval
Tube current 600 mA
Rotation speed 0.6 s
Helical pitch 0.983
Reconstruction Adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction (ASIR)
Contrast agent Iomeprol, Bracco, Konstanz, Germany (400 mgI/mL)
Contrast agent dose and rate 1.5 mL/kg body weight, at the rate of 4 mL/s
Saline bolus and rate 50 mL at the rate of 4 mL/s
Scan delay Automated triggering (threshold of 100 HU in the aorta)