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Table 3 Vessels added in the present adjustment of the mathematical model

From: Paediatric haemodynamic modelling: development and experimental validation using quantitative flow MRI

 External jugular (right and left)
 Deep cervical (right and left)
 External-internal jugular connection (right and left)
 Internal jugular-deep cervical connection (right and left)
 Internal carotid (right and left)
 Middle cerebral (right and left)
 Anterior cerebral (right and left)
 Posterior cerebral (right and left)
 Anterior communicating
 Posterior communicating (right and left)
 External carotid (right and left)
 Ophthalmic (right and left)
 Facial (right and left)
  1. The vascular structure already included in the model were the following: internal jugular veins, anastomotic connections, azygos plexus, cerebrospinal inflow, and outflow pathways (Fig. 2b) [11, 14, 21]; main arterial tree of the human body outside the braincase (Fig. 2b, arteries 1 to 55) [25, 26]