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Table 1 Specification overview of different CT techniques

From: Computed tomography for myocardial characterization in ischemic heart disease: a state-of-the-art review

  Static CT-MPI, single energy Static CT-MPI, dual-energy Dynamic CT-MPI LIE
Average radiation dose 2–9 mSv (rest and stress) 4–16 mSv (rest and stress) 5–13 mSv (stress only) 2–5 mSv
Diagnostic accuracy     
Sensitivity 75–84% 89% 76–100% 98%
Specificity 78–95% 78% 74–100% 94%
Quantitative analysis No Yes Yes SECT no, DECT yes
Infarct and ischemia Yes, with rest and stress Yes, with rest and stress Yes, stress only No, infarct only
  1. CT-MPI Computed tomography myocardial perfusion imaging, LIE Late iodine enhancement, SECT Single energy CT, DECT Dual energy CT