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Table 2 Median values and interquartile range for the attributes evaluated

From: Breast ultrasound: automated or hand-held? Exploring patients’ experience and preference

AttributesMedianInterquartile rangep value
Pain or discomfort before the test111–21–1p = 0.020
Pain or discomfort during the test312–31–2p < 0.001
Pain or discomfort after the test111–11–1p = 0.131
Fear or anxiety before the test111–11–2p = 0.001
Fear or anxiety during the test111–11–1p = 0.437
Physical function after testing111–11–1p = 0.107
Mental function after testing111–11–1p = 0.564
Embarrassment during the test111–11–1p = 0.577
Overall satisfaction111–21–2p = 0.060
  1. ABUS Automated breast ultrasound, HHUS Hand-held ultrasound. Wilcoxon signed ranks test was used. Based on Bonferroni’s correction, p < 0.006 (0.050/9) was considered as statistically significant