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Table 6 Diameters of kiwifruit phantom and human pelvis, and respective distances from the posterior surface of kiwifruit and human prostates to the scanner table

From: Two-centre comparative experimental study of biparametric MRI at 3.0 T with and without endorectal coil using kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) as a phantom for human prostate

 Diameter (mean ± SD)Distance from kiwifruit or prostate to scanner table (mean ± SD) (cm)
AP (cm)LR (cm)
Kiwifruits,_noERC21.6 ± 2.337.5 ± 2.38.0 ± 0.3
Kiwifruits, ERC23.1 ± 2.436.9 ± 1.99.1 ± 0.2
Patients’_pelvis,_noERC23.0 ± 2.439.7 ± 2.89.9 ± 0.9
Patients’_pelvis,_ERC20.8 ± 1.4>36.010.0 ± 0.8
 p values
Kiwifruits,_noERC versus ERC0.1840.4300.002
Patients, noERC versus ERC0.021n/a0.792
noERC, kiwifruits versus patients0.1020.4170.006
ERC, kiwifruits versus patients0.288n/a< 0.001
  1. p values were obtained using Student’s t test
  2. AP anterior-posterior, CC cranio-caudal, ERC with endorectal coil, LR left-to-right, noERC without endorectal coil, SD standard deviation