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Table 1 Subjective image quality parameters. Data are reported as median with interquartile ranges or frequency

From: Correcting versus resolving respiratory motion in free-breathing whole-heart MRA: a comparison in patients with thoracic aortic disease

 Respiratory self-navigatedRespiratory motion-resolvedp value
Overall image quality4.0 [2.25–4.75]4.5 [4.5–5.0]< 0.0001*
Signal homogeneity2.0 [2.0–3.0]3.0 [3.0–3.0]0.003*
Image sharpness2.0 [1.25–3.0]3.0 [2.0–3.0]0.0001*
Presence of artifacts7 (25%)3 (10.7%)0.219
Diagnostic confidence2.0 [2.0–3.0]3.0 [2.0–3.0]0.016*
  1. *Indicating significant difference