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Fig. 4

From: Evolution of prostate MRI: from multiparametric standard to less-is-better and different-is better strategies

Fig. 4

Three-dimensional (3D) T2-weighted imaging in a biopsy-naïve 69-year-old patient with elevated PSA (5.39 ng/mL) undergoing mpMRI for the purpose of targeted biopsy. The examination showed a nodule in the right TZ showing moderate hypointensity on transverse two-dimensional T2-weighted imaging and somewhat ill-defined margins (arrow in a). 3D T2-weighted imaging better delineated the nodule margins as a “charcoal” peripheral rim (arrow in b) by reducing image blurring, thus contributing to characterise it as a benign prostate hyperthropy (BPH) fibrostromal nodule. The nodule showed restricted diffusion (hypointensity on the ADC map in c) and intense, early contrast enhancement on transverse fat-saturated T1-weighted imaging (d)

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