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Fig. 3

From: Evolution of prostate MRI: from multiparametric standard to less-is-better and different-is better strategies

Fig. 3

Example case of mpMRI in which the information given by dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) imaging was redundant. A 54-year-old man with slightly elevated PSA level (3.43 ng/mL) and suspicious digital rectal examination underwent the examination to target biopsy, showing right midglandular < 15 mm in size PZ finding categorised as PI-RADS 4 because of focal restricted diffusion well visible as hyperintensity on the high b value image (a) and hypointensity on the ADC map (b), associated to hypointensity on a transverse T2-weighted image (arrows in c). Cancer was proven by biopsy and then by pathology after surgery with Gleason score 7 (4 + 3). Of note, transverse subtracted DCE (d) had no role in detecting and localising cancer, showing no differences in contrast enhancement compared to the surrounding PZ

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