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Table 3 Summary of the end-procedural angiography results

From: In vivo canine study of three different coatings applied to p64 flow-diverter stents: initial biocompatibility study

Animal number Medication Right CCA/ECA Left CCA/ECA Right SA Left SA
1 None p64 HPC-1 transient small thrombus p64 uncoated, transient, small thrombus p64 HPC-2, patent p64 HPC-3, patent
2 ASA p64 HPC-1, transient small thrombus p64 uncoated, transient small thrombus p64 HPC 2, patent p64 HPC-3, patent
3 ASA p64 HPC-2, small clot p64 HPC-1, small clot p64 HPC-3, patent p64 uncoated, patent
4 ASA + clopidogrel p64 HPC-2, patent p64 HPC-1, patent p64 HPC-, patent p64 uncoated, patent
  1. ASA acetylsalicylic acid, CCA common carotid artery, ECA external carotid artery, SA subclavian artery