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Table 1 Summary of the different MHC mismatch combination types, time intervals between transplantation and MRI examination/tissue explantation, number of CAF cases examined for each mice group and mean acute rejection scores in the adopted experimental settings

From: Magnetisation transfer as a biomarker for chronic airway fibrosis in a mouse lung transplantation model

Type of MHC mismatch combination Time between transplantation and explantation (weeks) Chronic airway fibrosis (n)/animals examined (n) Acute rejection score based on ISHLT guidelinesa of all CAF and no-CAF mice (A1–A4, mean ± SD)
(D:BALB/c; R:C57BL/6)
8 3/5 3.80 ± 0.27
(D:C57BL/10; R:C57BL/6)
8 2/10 1.73 ± 1.38
(D:C57BL/10; R:C57BL/6)
12 1/7 2.71 ± 0.95
(D:C57BL/6; R:C57BL/10)
8 1/2 2.75 ± 1.06
  1. aISHLT guidelines [3]
  2. D donor, R recipient