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Table 1 Examination discomfort reported by patients for the four modalities

From: Multimodal ultrasound tomography for breast imaging: a prospective study of clinical feasibility

Modality Mammography Handheld US MRI MUT
Mean score 6.3 1.6 5.3 1.5
Score SD (range) 2.6 (1–10) 1.0 (1–5) 2.1 (3–7) 0.7 (1–5)
Patients 31 27 4 32
  1. SD standard deviation
  2. Discomfort level was scored ranging from 1 (no discomfort) to 10 (unwilling to repeat the exam) for mammography, HUS, MRI, and MUT. Indicated are the mean score (second line) and the SD as well as the range of the score (third line). The number of available exams can be found in the last row (patients). Significant differences in discomfort level were found between MUT and mammography (see text)